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Rodent Rascals

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Rodent Rascals

by Roxie Munro
Illustrator(s): Roxie Munro
Hardcover | Pages : 40
Size: 10 X 10 | USD $17.95
ISBN: 9780823438600 | Pub Date: 2018-01-16

Grade: THIRD | Age: 6 to 9
Other Editions: Ebook

Themes: Animals/Nonfiction, Science & Nature
Recommendations: A*,K*,PW*,SLJ

About the Book

What is the smallest rodent in the world? The biggest? How long can rodents live? How do they find mates? In this wonderfully detailed new book from an award-winning author, life-size illustrations of rodent species from around the world accompany simple, thorough text describing their life cycles, sizes, habitats, and ranges. From groundhogs to guinea pigs and pygmy shrews to capybaras, kids will learn all about the rascally rodents who share our world!


★ "[Roxie Munro] has a terrific feel for the memorable fact."—Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review
★ "Each creature is beautifully illustrated in actual size, with soft brushstrokes providing excellent details . . . A fun, unique, and informative addition to all children’s nonfiction collections."—Booklist, Starred Review
★ "Munro blends naturalism with a hint of personality for each rodent, accentuating the positive attributes of an underappreciated group of animals."—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review